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First-Time Patients to Back to Health Chiropractic

In order to best serve you and create a unique treatment plan, we will need some background information such as medical history and the current condition. Our team at Back to Health Chiropractic strives to provide the exceptional treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. We address the source of your problem so you can have long-lasting results.

If you are a new patient, you can expect the following things:

  • Paperwork – To obtain general information about you and your condition, we will need you to fill out paperwork on your first visit.
  • Consultation – Our Chicago chiropractor will discuss your health-related concerns and potential treatment options.
  • History and Examination – We will ask you multiple questions related to your condition in order to narrow down the problem.
  • X-Rays – Your condition may require us to take some x-rays in order to determine the nature of your condition.
  • Same-Day Treatment – During the first visit, you may be able to undergo the first course of treatment including spinal adjustments or physical therapy.
  • Home Instructions – Before leaving, you will be given at-home care instructions such as applying ice or heat, avoiding physical activities, or doing specific exercises.
  • Scheduling Your Next Appointment – In order for treatment to be effective, regular treatment is crucial. Treatment schedules will vary from patient to patient, but we will work with what is most convenient for you.

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