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An Overview of Chiropractic Care from Waxman Chiropractic

At Waxman Chiropractic, we believe in offering everyone choices when it comes to healthcare. That is why we offer a variety of chiropractic services to everyone in the Phoenix, AZ, and Chicago, IL, areas. Take a look at some of the treatment options we provide to those who come to see us. Allow us to put our skills to work for you.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional medicine. Chiropractic care focuses on the body's own natural healing ability. Instead of using surgeries and prescription medications, we work hard to optimize the body's natural ability to heal itself. We do this using manual therapy. This is where chiropractic adjustments and manipulations come from. We want to place the body in the best position possible to heal. In this manner, we work to minimize the potential side effects and complications of medical therapy. Furthermore, chiropractic care also works by getting to the root cause of the reason why someone has gotten hurt or fallen ill. By eliminating this root cause, we not only treat the symptoms, but also prevent them from coming back.

Chiropractic Services Offered at Waxman Chiropractic

When someone comes to see us for chiropractic care, there are a few common components to the treatment plan. First, chiropractic manipulation and adjustments are always going to be at the center of what we do. This is done to make sure the vertebrae in the back are properly aligned. We also might use a tool called spinal decompression. This is used to increase the amount of space that is present between the vertebrae in the back. This is helpful for people who have suffered pinched nerves or a herniated disc. Some of the other tools that we might use include nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and massage therapy. We offer these treatment options to allow people to tailor their healthcare to meet their individual needs.

Call Waxman Chiropractic Today to Make an Appointment

At Waxman Chiropractic, these are only a few of the many chiropractic services that we provide to those who live in the Phoenix and Chicago areas. We have worked hard to expand our treatment services to encompass a wide variety of procedures. We believe that this allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients. We would be happy to do the same for you as well. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, call us today at 773-927-1885 (Chicago) or at 602-253-8823 (Phoenix) to schedule an appointment with our team.